Yoga Resource Practice Manual print book

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Darren Rhodes’s Yoga Resource Practice Manual print edition

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The Yoga Resource Practice Manual is a comprehensive guide for yoga practitioners of all levels. All rolled into one, it is a reference manual, an instruction guide, a photo library, and a collection of Darren Rhodes’ personal anecdotes from over two decades of practice and more than a decade of teaching. Whether you are a beginner interested in learning step-by-step practice instructions, or a seasoned practitioner looking to take your practice to the next level with advanced tips and techniques, this book has something for you!

About the print edition:
• 467 pages, printed in black and white
• 360 unique poses with practice instructions, safety tips, and refinements
• 425+ black and white (BW) photographs, demonstrating alternates and variations
• 10 photo indexes with page numbers to quickly help you find the pose when you know what it looks like!
• A-Z index when you know the name of the pose
• 6″W x 9″H = standard, easy-to-carry size

“Yoga Resource is a treasure trove of yogic gems for the modern Hatha Yogi. Each photo exudes Shakti, the power to awaken every cell. I am so grateful for this renewable resource.”

– MC Yogi (poet, artist, yoga activist and teacher)